Workplace Consulting

Applied Facts' team of investigators are well-versed in various types of employment investigations including, but not limited to, workplace violence, threat assessments, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and workers' compensation (including psyche claims, which are actionable in California).

An employer who learns that a current or former employee has threatened violence against managers, supervisors, or other employees may have to take certain preventive steps under Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (Fed-OSHA) and its state counterparts. The assessment of the potential for workplace violence is founded on the ability to quickly obtain solid information on precursor incidents.

Key elements of our strategy are listed below:

Management Philosophy:
Zero tolerance
Supervisory Responsibility:
Training and program implementation
What an employer needs to do to ensure adherence to the program
Employee education of program and periodic reviews
Hazard Assessment:
Scheduled facility inspections
Incident Investigation:
Investigation of both physical injury and threats
Hazard Correction:
Correction of identified hazards
Training Instruction:
Explanation of workplace security program
Record Keeping:
Maintenance of sound and thorough records

A work site analysis is a useful tool to provide accurate pre-incident and incident information. The work site analysis includes analyzing and tracking records, monitoring trends, analyzing incidents, and reviewing workplace security. Armed with appropriate information, a tactical plan can be developed involving your workplace violence deterrence team as well as Applied Facts threat assessment, psychological and executive protection specialists. Workers' compensation cases involve interviews and surveillance related to alleged injuries arising out of employment/in the course of employment ("AOE/COE").

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