Fact-Based Intelligence Gathering

Applied Facts provides a broad range of investigative services in countries and territories around the world. Our staff includes leading experts in the fields of law, law enforcement, forensic accounting, intelligence, computer forensics, investigative journalism and research analysis.

Our Services


Due Diligence

Directed by a seasoned former corporate litigator, our professionals work with leading international banks, private equity firms and other clients in implementing high-stakes due diligence investigations.


Litigation & Arbitration Matters

Our investigators are experts at gathering intelligence and evidence that often is the tipping point in  litigation. Our expertise in forensic accounting and computer forensics can supplement traditional litigation intelligence.


Internal Investigations

We conduct internal corporate investigations of allegations of wrongdoing, working with Audit Committees, General Counsels, Law Firm Partners, CEOs and CFOs, Strategic Investors, Internal Audit, and Investigative Departments.


Sexual Harassment & Workplace Violence

We are well-versed in employment investigations involving  workplace violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, threats and workers’ compensation, and on measures required by federal and state laws when a current or former employee threatens violence.


Intellectual Property

We have assisted intellectual property litigators and transaction attorneys on a broad range of domestic and international matters including misappropriate of trade secrets, infringement of patents, copyrights and trademarks, and investigations of counterfeit and diverted products.


IT Security

Our IT security experts evaluate the security of clients’ computer networks as well as their key supply chain providers, acquisition partners and joint venture partners. We have the expertise to thoroughly vet IT vendors and their personnel, including those based overseas.

We provide advanced training on threats and vulnerabilities

Training areas include bank regulations, OFAC Sanctions List, anti-money laundering, international syndicates and cartels, threat assessments, psychological assessments and workplace violence.

Global Reach

We provide cost-effective consulting and private investigative services, performing thorough and comprehensive services throughout the United States and in 178 countries and territories around the world.

Our international services are particularly helpful in due diligence, litigation evidence gathering, and asset searches.

Because of our expertise in international matters, clients turn to us for analysis of international smuggling, money laundering, and hacking efforts by Russian, Chinese, North Korean and Iranian entities.

About Our Services

Experienced in the most complex investigations, our professional staff delivers verified, credible evidence and information to help business leaders make timely critical decisions with confidence.

We perform deep-dive validation of representations about a target company, and draw on our extensive experience in M&A transactions to search for any “unknown unknowns” that should raise red flags.

Our work includes KYC, Patriot Act, EDD, BSA, beneficial ownership, AML, PEPs, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, correspondent banks, MSBs, credit card and ATM fraud, FATCA, Export Control Act, compliance, internal fraud, asset searches, kickbacks, corruption, bribery, narco-trafficking, and terrorism.

Why Us

Our professional staff is experienced in the most complex investigations, and includes senior practitioners in law, law enforcement, intelligence services, investigative journalism, computer forensics and forensic accounting.

Applied Facts has performed investigations, due diligence services and background checks for companies, financial institutions and private equity firms in more than 178 countries.